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Btaly aims to enhance and bring the ‘small but great’ food and wine excellences of the Italian tradition around the tables and kitchens all over the world.

Our project was born from the idea of restarting together, of helping each other in full Italian spirit, it is, indeed, no coincidence that ‘Btaly’ means ‘Being Italy‘.
Italian cuisine and its specialities deserve to be known and appreciated by everyone.

Through Btaly, we can help you to enhance the value of your product, giving it visibility on a global scale thanks to our e-commerce website and various advertising initiatives on the web, such as our blog with articles, insights and targeted posts on our social media. Combining tradition and innovation for a result that is worth celebrating.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a product that you think is ‘special’ and would like to expand your commercial network and make it known to the world, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always looking for new and old tastes and niche products to make them known to the world, as true ambassadors of taste!

This is Andrea and Mattia’s dream, but from today it can also be yours!