The best selection of Italian food and wine products

Andrea and Mattia have a dream: to share niche Italian food and wine excellences, big and small, with people passionate about them.  In turn, those who create these unique products will have the occasion to showcase them to the world.

All this available through a virtual platform where those who search for top quality, certified food and wine, Made in Italy products can access them easily with one click.

Btaly intends to satisfy the most discerning palates, experts of taste and sophisticated gourmands in search of specialty Italian food.

The authentic tastes sold through Btaly are curated for connoisseurs of Italian food and wine tradition and those who are on the lookout for artisanal products. Lovers of true Italian tastes can find uncompromised, top quality products only through Btaly.

Btaly is dedicated to those who search for simplicity and tradition in local products as well as experts of Italian agro food culture.

Btaly is not simply a sales channel; it is a testament to how “being Italian” can make all the difference.