Btaly delivers Italian flavours to the world

During the long period of lockdown, Mattia and Andrea decided to put their heads together to try to find a simple, practical and functional way to support their country by making food and wine specialties available throughout Italy and internationally.

They did not sit on their hands; instead they devised an ambitious plan: do everything possible to promote quality Italian goods. They want to showcase the capacity of small businesses, who have become suppressed by large scale production, to work with prime ingredients and materials to create true masterpieces of taste.

The idea of an e-commerce site specialized in the sale of Italian gastro excellence was born. Using traditional methods, techniques and recipes, the flavours and colours of Italy will be available worldwide.

Btaly offers a selection of niche Italian food and wine products of high quality that are not easily acquirable from other vendors.

Only through Btaly can one have access to the best artisanal agro food products that Italy has to offer. These products represent the very essence of the country.