Shipping fees

Up to 5kg the price is 7,65 taxes included.
From 5 kg to 10 kg the price is 9,78 taxes included.
From 10 kg to 20 kg the price is 10,97 taxes included.
From 20 kg to 25 kg the price is 12,40 taxes included.
• Home Service Specifications 
For all shipments up to 1000 kg (500 kg per pallet) depending on the time of day. It is an Express and Economy door-to-door service, with delivery times up to 24 hours in 90% of Italian municipalities (Delivery by 10 or 12 a.m. the next day depending on the service chosen).
Service international specifications

• IE International Economy – For less urgent shipments up to 68 kg per package with the same IP service quality.

• IP International Priority – For urgent shipments up to 68 kg, we deliver in 24/48 hours worldwide.
For our International Economy service, the transit time guaranteed by our Network is 4/5 working days.
The shipping price includes all packaging costs in order to guarantee the arrival of the product to the customer in an intact manner.