Ambassadors of Italian food and wine culture in the world

Btaly was born from Andrea and Mattia’s idea.

Andrea Meliga – cairese, 27 years old – degree in Economy and Commerce and master in Administration, finance and control through the University of Genova, volunteer with the “Memorial Giacomo Briano” association.

Mattia Mirri – carcarese, 27 years old – degree in Business Economy through the University of Genova, referee in C and D Series football.

Lifelong friends, young, ambitious and with entrepreneurial spirit; they have the desire to apply their skills and potential in the field.

They are betting on themselves and in a project in which they wholeheartedly believe in.  They invest their passion, enthusiasm and skills to help small, local producers to share their food and wine excellences (of which Andrea and Mattia are decisively connoisseurs) with the rest of the world.

Andrea and Mattia are aware of how fortunate they are to have been born and raised in a country where creativity and emotion is expressed through food.

In Italy there are many small companies that through their diligence, contribute to the enhancement of precious prime materials by employing traditional, curated methods of production passed down through the generations.

Andrea and Mattia are working to become ambassadors in the world of 100% Made in Italy goods so that through their hard work they can truly assist small producers in order to make Italy better and stronger together.

Andrea Meliga
Mkt Director / founder

Mattia Mirri
CEO / Founder