Terms and Conditions of Use

Below you can find a summary of the conditions of purchase on Btaly – restart together – S.r.l.s.
If you require further information, you may contact us:

The business Bitaly – restart together – S.r.l.s., with its office in Carcare (SV) – VAT number: 01815450091 – is holder and provides access to website www.btaly.it, selling products in accordance to the following General Conditions of Use and Sale, in reference to legislative degree n° 206/05 of the Consumer Code.

Product Information
Btaly – restart together – S.r.l.s., provides product details of each article for sale with the aim to be fully transparent.  Information on the product detail page includes the price, measurements, materials, variants, weight, quantities, etc. all with correlating images.

Availability of products
The client may acquire all products currently available in the electronic catalogue of Btaly – restart together – S.r.l.s., visible online at the address (URL) www.btaly.it.
On the site, the availability of each article is displayed on its product detail page with either of the following messages:

  • the product is available in warehouse
  • the product is available by order and will be shipped in a certain number of working days.

Product Unavailable
If the requested item ordered online cannot be processed immediately, the client will receive a message (by phone or email) within twelve hours from the finalization of the order.

The sale prices indicated on this e-commerce site are expressed in euros(€) and include VAT, but do not include shipping fees.  The shipping fees are charged to the client, except promotions and or promotional codes and are indicated upon finalization of the order as a supplementary price to the items selected.  The list price is in euros (€).

Btaly – restart together – S.r.l.s. , reserves the right to modify prices in any moment, with the exemption of articles already in payment and or delivery phases.

In case of incorrect price visualization (i.e. price too low) for whatever reason (computer bug, human or technical error, etc.), Btaly – restart together – S.r.l.s., reserves the right to cancel the order even in cases where the order was initially validated.

Making an order
To make an order on www.btaly.it you do not need to be registered. However, in the completion phase of the order, some essential information will be required in order to identify the customer and the delivery address to which the acquired items must be sent.

In order for the purchase to go through, one must:

  • add the desired product to the cart;
  • enter billing and delivery information;
  • choose the preferred method of shipping;
  • choose the preferred method of payment.

After selecting the payment method, the customer must proceed to the payment of the order.  With the confirmation of the order on the customer’s part, the sale contract is finalized.  However, it is possible to cancel the order in the prescribed cancellation time.

The customer must be aware that giving false declaration and the falsification of documents constitutes a crime in accordance with the article 76 del D.P.R. 28.12.2000 n° 445 and are thereby subject to penal sanctions enclosed in the legal terms.

Shipping of goods
Products purchased on www.btaly.it, if available in warehouse, are shipped 24 hours after the order has been made. If, on the other hand, some items in the order are unavailable, within 12 hours the customer will receive a message (by email or telephone) informing them of said unavailability.

The merchandise can be shipped within Italy and internationally with costs and delivery dates relative to the type of order and the shipping destination (for more information, please consult the page: SHIPPING).

Cancellation of Orders and the Right to Refund
The customer can cancel the order at any time following the confirmation of purchase or within the first two hours after purchase.  To cancel by telephone please call: +39 3275595371; to cancel by email reach us at: info@btaly.it.

If the customer has already verified the order, Btaly – restart together – S.r.l.s. will refund all costs within seven working days from the date of cancellation.

In any case, for logistic and economic purposes, we kindly ask that for the communication of cancellation within the two hours after confirmation of purchase. In this way, the order is cancelled before shipment.

If the customer is unsatisfied with the product, to obtain a refund, the product must be shipped back in its whole, unadulterated form. The refund (provided in the form of a voucher to spend on our online platform) will be sent within seven working days from the request.

Any Questions?
If you need any clarifications or further information, please contact us by telephone: + 39 3275595371, from Monday to Friday from 08,30 to 18,30 or by e-mail: info@btaly.it