Only top quality Italian food and wine products

Mattia and Andrea named their project “Btaly” using the English word “Be” together with the word “Italy”: literally, Be Italy, which is the essence of their idea.

We contact small, local producers and businesses, selecting high quality food and wine products. We pay scrupulous attention to detail, choosing products according to the origin and quality of the ingredients (with specific attention to Italian producers at kilometer 0).  These products are special for the methods of production that are passed down as tradition through the generations.

Creating the sticker “T.Q.I.P. – Top Quality Italian Products“, affirms the certified quality of each product sold on Btaly and guarantees excellence and traceability.

Asserting exclusivity from vendors so that these products with the T.Q.I.P. sticker cannot be found in other online shops.

Taking advantage of the online model, exclusive food and wine products can be easily accessed to satisfy the exigencies of all who want a taste of the true Made in Italy.

With Btaly, the 100% Made in Italy food and wine site with vast selection and facility of use, one can acquire Italian excellence from all over the world, online with one simple click from the comfort of their own home.


For everyone, in Italy and all over the world: restaurateurs, hotels, businesses, the private sector, gourmands and all those passionate about Italian food. It’s for people who love the tastes and smells of good, genuine products made with passion and love, following the slow rhythm of nature; with good things needing time to make, and with respect for prime materials and ingredients.